Where To Find Best Tattoo Designs?

Samantha Loves tattoos and loves to blog about this art. She dedicate TattoosBoyGirl.com to this beautiful art. Tattoos are as old as the Human history itself. Thanks to Internet that its easy to look up for various tattoo design and tribal tattoo ideas. Just Explore TattoosBoyGirl and You might find the next best tattoo design for yourself.

Tattoos also tells about ferocious personality of a person.If you’re big fan of music then inking a music tattoo will be a great idea.

It might come as a surprise to you but yes there is so huge fan following of twilight saga that people are actually getting there body inked with the characters and quotes from the movies and novels. The Twilight saga is a novel series penned by author Stephnie Meyer. The novel series was adapted in feature movies. However the film series was not critically successful as the novel series, yet it was able to gross high at box office. The characters Edward cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob black become so popular that people got their bodies inked with their tattoos. If you’re one of the twilight saga fan then you might be thinking to ink your own body with twilight tattoo designs.

Johnny depp is one of the most recognized Hollywood actor over the Globe. Johnny has a huge love for tattoos. His got his first tattoo when he was just 17 year old and since then the actor has inked his body on several occasions to signifies certain events or persons that are important to him in his life. According to Johnny’s own words his body is a portrait of his own life story and his tattoos signifies the meaning of his life. Johnny depp tattoos tells about the most important persons in Johnny depp’s life, his beliefs and the achievements he had in his life. Johnny once even quoted that like Sailor his tattoos are also very meaningful and tell what he has seen, faced and felt.

Johnny depp consider 3 as his lucky number. He got a tattoo of the number between his thumb and index finger. Johnny said that 3 is a magical number as two person makes a third person, a new life. A friend of Johnny inked the tattoo one day when they were getting bore and just trying stuff.